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Epic Manchester Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Everyone thinks they know about Manchester, but really all they know about is football. Are you different?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 12th 2023

Manchester is a big city, full of amazing people and with a long and wonderful history! It is one of the top destinations for tourists to Britain and rightly so! But why do people visit Manchester? If you think you know the answers then this quiz is the right place for you! Let’s get it!


Where is Manchester?


What two big football clubs have the name of this city in their name?


What was the Roman name for Manchester?


The ship canal connects the city to which sea?


Why is Manchester train station famous?


When did Manchester host the commonwealth games?


What do you call someone from Manchester?


Which of these people isn’t from Manchester?


What tiny thing was split for the first time in Manchester?


Which TV soap is set in Manchester?

Uh oh! Are you sure you’re not being confused with the other Manchester in New Hampshire, USA? Maybe so, but don’t worry, why not have another go and see if you can improve your knowledge of this wonderful city?!

Nice! Not bad! You’ve got a decent knowledge of this famous city and the people and things in it that make it so great! Why not have another try at the quiz and see if you can do better, don’t worry, we won’t mind if you sneak off to read a few books about it before you come back!

SCORE IMAGE THREE - Please write 30-50 words for quiz result 1. REMEMBER!! Results are the users reward for taking the quiz and a good way for us to increase engagement, so make them fun and it will encourage users to engage with more content.

Brilliant! You’ve shown some true Manchester magic! You know everything worth knowing about this city! From its deep history all the way to the present, when anyone has a question about Manchester they know who to ask - you! Well done!