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Mark Rober Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

How much do you know about YouTuber Mark Rober? Time to test your skills and take the quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 16th 2022

Former NASA engineer and YouTubing science sensation Mark Rober has been entertaining us for over 10 years with his epic pranks and brilliantly inventive gadgets. But just how much do YOU know about the man himself? It's time to put your knowledge to the test! For more Youtuber Quizzes why not check out our Which YouTuber Are You? Quiz, or maybe try your luck with the British YouTubers Quiz!

1/10 Mark Rober sitting at a desk
Mark Rober | YouTube

What is the name of Mark Rober's YouTube channel?

2/10 Mark Rober working on something 'classified'
@markrober | Instagram

When did Mark first start YouTubing?

3/10 Mark Rober
Mark Rober | YouTube

What was the name of Mark Rober’s wife?

4/10 Hands with glitter all over them

What type of bomb goes off in Mark's parcel thief-baiting videos?

5/10 The Mars Rover

What is the name of the Mars rover that Mark worked on while at NASA?

@markrober | Instagram

For how many years did Mark work at NASA before becoming a YouTuber?

@markrober | Instagram

How many subscribers does Mark Rober have as of December 2021?

Mark Rober | YouTube

What is the name of Mark Rober’s most popular video so far?

9/10 United States map

Where did Mark Rober grow up?

@markrober | Instagram

What award did Mark Rober win in 2021?

Oh dear
Mark Rober | YouTube

Oh dear! It seems you may need to watch a few more of Mark's vids if you're to be a true YouTuber champ! Never mind, why not retake the quiz and improve your score?

Not so hot
Mark Rober | YouTube

Not so hot! While not the worst score in the world, you may need to brush up on your YouTuber trivia if you're to achieve quizzing competence... Never mind! Why not retake the quiz and improve your score?

Pretty good!
Mark Rober | YouTube

Pretty good! While not an absolutely PERFECT score, you certainly know your YouTubers. A very respectable result, good job!

Mark Rober | YouTube

Amazing! You got a PERFECT score!!! There's no doubt about it, you really know your YouTubers. An incredible result, well done!