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Even Hawkeye Can't Spot All The Clues In This Marvel Emoji Quiz!

Are you a Marvel mastermind? Prove your superhero movie credentials with this emoji-tastic picture quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  October 10th 2022

Marvel's back catalogue of superheroes is HUGE - and there are so many it's often really hard to know who's who. And you know what makes that job even harder? That's right - using emojis to descrbe them instead of actual words! Yep - we've made 10 tricky emoji clues that are hinting at a Marvel character, and it's down to you to try and work out who it is!

Think you can do it? Let's find out!


What Marvel hero could this be? Hint... count the legs!


Who might this be?

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Any ideas?

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What might this clue be hinting at?


Next up, it's... what?

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Hmmm. A tricky one.


Who could this be?

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Another hard one! But what could it be?




Last one! Any guesses?

Nooooooo! Emoji Hulk is angry... and you wouldn't like Emoji Hulk when he's angry! You'd better try again, fast! And when you're done, there are plenty of other emoji quizzes to have a go at too!

Emoji Hulk isn't furious.... because to be honest this is an OK score. He still looks grumpy though because you COULD have done better... but also he just looks like that. Do you fancy having another go? It might calm him down!

Wahey! Emoji Thanos is pretty pleased with this score. Which is handy... because you really don't want to get on the wrong side of him! Nice work! You missed out on one or two right answers, but never mind. Do you fancy seeing if you can beat this score on another emoji quiz?

Amazing! High score! You nailed this quiz! Emoji Thanos is very happy with this. Phew! Maybe that means he won't blow Earth up then! If you fancy trying another of our emoji quizzes, we have lots more!