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Math Balls!

These aren't your granny's bingo balls!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021
Beano Games Team
Last Updated:ย July 1st 2021

Math Balls is a fast paced puzzle arcade game filled with quick math problems, where YOU have to add the numbers together before the screen fills up. It's QUICK MATHS come to life!

Follow our super-quick and super-easy tutorial! The 'goal' number will appear in the bottom central part of your screen, and it's YOUR job to select the balls that add up to that number. So if your goal is 6, then you could click on a 3 and 3 - OR you could select a 4 and a 2 - OR EVEN a 2 and a 2 and another 2! Simples!

The math balls range from 2 to 7, so sometimes you'll have to get creative with your addition. If your goal is 8, then you can't select a 7 (because there's no 1!). If your goal is 13, then you can't select two 7's (because there's no -1!).

Try making bigger combinations of smaller numbers to win bonus points, and even earn power up balls! Selecting a sequence of 4 or more numbers will add up and give you a lightning ball, or maybe the more advanced bomb ball, to help you clear some spare space on your screen. You can just select these power-ups at any point, to zap away a zig-zag of spare number balls, or to destroy a whole bubble of them.

Remember, the longer you play, the higher the goal numbers will get (it will take trickier addition to try and score)! What's the highest number you were able to make?

<10 - Mathappointing ๐Ÿ™ Did you not read the instructions?

15 - Mathodical - you played that one by the numbers - well done!

19 - Mathemati-colour me impressed! You did great!

25 - Mathematicajellistic expiallihigh score! Fantastic!

30 - A brain-bending Beano best! (Better than the Beano editor, that's for sure!)