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Matilda Quiz: Can You Hoodwink the Grown-Ups?

Could you trick grown-ups into letting you get up to all sorts of mischief? Let's find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 2nd 2022

Let's see!

1/10 Matilda and her grumpy dad
© RDSC/QB 2019

Your friend is accidentally late to Maths and your terrible head teacher wants to punish the whole class. What do you do?

© RDSC/QB 2019

Your horrifying science teacher is giving everyone double homework. How do you get your own back?

3/10 Trunchball surprised
© RDSC/QB 2019

There’s a very mean bully in your class and you want to teach them a lesson. What do you do?

4/10 Matilda reads books
© RDSC/QB 2019

   Playtime has been cancelled for the rest of the term. How do you get revenge on your teachers?

5/10 Matilda and a big book
© RDSC/QB 2019

Your parents stay you can't go to your room until you've done your homework. Do you...

6/10 Matilda planning an amazing prank
© RDSC/QB 2019

For a joke, you want to trick your parents into thinking some people have sneaked into the house. Do you...

7/10 Matilda's dad has glued his hat onto his head
© RDSC/QB 2019

Your dad's hat has been glued to his head and he's blaming you! Do you...

© RDSC/QB 2019

Your dad isn’t happy that you love books for some reason. How do you make him realise it’s a good thing to do?

9/10 Matilda loves to read
© RDSC/QB 2019

You've been asked to stay indoors and watch TV while your parents go out. Do you...

10/10 Matilda's dad with blonde hair
© RDSC/QB 2019

You want to play another trick on your dad! Do you...

© RDSC/QB 2019

Chance of hoodwinking grown-ups: 100%

You're a genius when it comes to tricking your parents!

Very likely
© RDSC/QB 2019

Chance of hoodwinking grown-ups: VERY LIKELY!

More often that not, you can trick your parents into believing you. Nice work!

Slight chance
© RDSC/QB 2019

Chance of hoodwinking grown-ups: SLIGHT CHANCE!

Your parents can normally tell when you're trying to trick them. Must try harder!

Zero chance
© RDSC/QB 2019

Chance of hoodwinking grown-ups: ZERO CHANCE!

Your parents can spot what you're trying to do from a mile off! Hard luck!