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Ready, Steady... Try This Max Verstappen Quiz!

Think you know Max Verstappen? You'll have to if you want to take pole position in this lightning-fast Formula One quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  September 12th 2022

Possibly one of the greatest Formula drivers of all time (and one of the youngest) Max Verstappen is THE driver to watch. But how much do you know about this petrol-headed prodigy? Take this quiz to put your Verstappen know-how to the test!


Max Verstappen is... what?


What was Max's dad famous for?

3/10 Australia flag

In the 2015 Australian Grand Prix, Max was the... what?


What team does he race for?

5/10 Happy racing driver

Max's personality is...

6/10 Curry spices and hot peppers

What's his favourite kind of food?


What position did Max finish in at the 2021 Formula One World Championship?


And who did he famously beat in 2021?

9/10 Man driving a car

What race number is Max?


How does Max like to relax?

Result: oh no

Oh no! This result is way down the bottom of the results table! Yikes. You'd better have another go - and quick! Max does not look happy! But if you don't fancy it don't worry - we have plenty of other sports quizzes to try as well!

Result: Not bad

Not bad! You spent a bit too long in the pit-stop and that damaged your overall score, but not bad! You clearly know a thing or two about Max. But can you get a higher score on a different sporting quiz? Let's find out!

Result: Great

Great work! You know loads about Max and Formula One! Very impressive - just look how chuffed he is with this result! You didn't quiiiite get 100% though - do you know where you went wrong? Let's see if you can get full marks on a different sporting quiz!

Result: Perfect

Perfect! You got every single question right! Amazing work - you must live and breathe Formula 1, or at least are Max's biggest fan! Well done. Now, can you get another clean sheet on a different sporting quiz? Let's find out!