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The Ultimate Maxx Catley Quiz

We're sure you're a massive fan, but are you massive enough to absolutely SMASH this Maxx Catley Quiz?

Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
First Published:  June 17th 2021
@maxxcately | Instagram

What social media platform did Maxx Catley use to become MEGA FAMOUS?


What star sign is Maxx Catley?


3/12 What country is Maxx Catley from?


What day is his birthday on in December?

5/12 Race car and helmet

What's Maxx Catley's dream car?

6/12 A baby

How many children does he want to have when he's older?


Where is Maxx Catley's mum from?


What is Maxx Catley's favourite barbecue food?


Who is Maxx Catley's favourite recording artist?


What is Maxx Catley's pet peeve?


What is Maxx Catley's middle name?

12/12 Big nose jokes page thumbnail

What is Maxx Catley's worst habit?

Smashed It! You know Maxx Catley better than his mum.

@maxxcately | Instagram

Not Bad! You know Maxx Catley enough to buy him some sweatpants and it not be weird

You don't know Maxx Catley at all. Maybe you should check out his awesome Tiktok skills and try again!

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