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It's All About This Meghan Trainor Quiz!

How much do you know about this amazing pop star? Answer these 10 tricky trivia questions and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  October 17th 2022

Is Meghan Trainor one of your favourite pop stars? There's a lot more to her than just her amazing music - but it's a good place to start! Have a go at these 10 questions about the woman herself - and we'll let you know if you're a superfan or still just sleeping on her!

Ready to get going? Let's quiz!

@meghantrainor | instagram

What are Meghan's fans called?

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2/10 Meghan was born in Massachusetts, USA. Whereabouts is that?

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Meghan can play the guitar. True or false?

@meghantrainor | instagram

Finish this lyric! "My name is..."

Spongebob Squarepants | Nickelodeon

One of Meghan's songs was used in an anmated movie. What movie?


What album is "All About That Bass" on?

@meghantrainor | instagram

Which of these does things does Meghan NOT have in her life?

8/10 A cat under a bed

In "Dear Future Husband", where does Meghan say she'll sleep?

@meghantrainor | instagram

Finish the name of the song: "Dance Like Yo..."

@meghantrainor | instagram

Where did Meghan first star her music career?

@meghantrainor | instagram

Oh no! This score is so bad it's sending Meghan to sleep! Tough luck! Have another go and see if you can wake her up with a higher score? You'd better hurry - she looks ready to pass out!

@meghantrainor | instagram

Well... it's not really good - but it's not really bad either! This score has got Meghan snoozing.... you know a fair bit about her, but otherwise pretty average. Can you get a more interesting score on a different pop music quiz? Go on!

@meghantrainor | instagram

Great work! This is a really good score - you know loads about Meghan! Well done! You didn't quite manage full marks though - do you know where you went wrong? Let's see if you can beat this score on a different pop music quiz!

@meghantrainor | instagram

Amazing! You're the ultimare Meghantron! You know loads about her! Well done! This score can't be improved on (it's just that good) but you could see if you can get another 10/10 on a different pop music quiz? Go on! You can do it!