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Are You A Mermaid, Fairy Or Vampire Quiz?

Are you fae, fish or fiend? Take this quiz and we'll tell you! Answer some choice questions and find out your true calling! Where do you really belong?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 2nd 2022

Are you fairy, mermaid or vampire? Find out with this special quiz! Answer some questions and make some choices and we'll tell you whether you belong in the forest, under the sea or sleeping upside down!

1/10 Treehouse and Beano ghost

Choose somewhere to live

2/10 Butterfly and fairy

Choose a mode of transport

3/10 Acorns with eyes and splats

Pick a snack

4/10 Fish and arrow

Choose someone to hang out with

5/10 Owl and Beano bat

Do you prefer day or night?

6/10 Swimming dog and Beano fish

How good are you at swimming?

7/10 Hands doing spell and cobwebs

Which of these powers would you want to possess?

8/10 Dinosaur and mushroom and snail in magical forest

How would you describe yourself?

9/10 Beano Disney Princesses

Choose a Disney character

10/10 Beano mermaid relaxing by the sea

Pick a holiday destination

Mermaid result


You're a mermaid! You're a free and curious spirit and you love the water! You want nothing more than to hang around on a beach, exploring rockpools and surfing the waves!

Fairy result


You're a fairy! You're sweet, caring and you love crafting things from stuff you find! You prefer the quiet of the woods and watching the animals go about their day, and you have a whimsical nature!

Vampire result


You're a vampire! You love dark, gloomy places and preying upon the innocent! When you're not sleeping upside down your plotting world dominance or ironing your best dress suit. You're a true blood sucking aristocrat at heart!