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'Hola', It's The Mexican Culture Quiz!

Hola! How much do you know about Mexican Culture?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 8th 2022

Mexico is an amazing place. It’s the most Southerly country in North America, but it’s not just famous for its amazing coastline, steamy forests, and sprawling cities. It’s also a place that’s draws on its rich history to create a fascinating culture filled with art, music, festivities and much, much more besides. Find out how much you know about Mexico with our fabulous Mexican Culture Quiz!


What is Dia De Los Muertos?


Whose statues are carried on Las Posadas?

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What sport takes place at The Plaza Mexico?

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What is a Siesta?

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5/10 Cinco De Mayo celebrates Mexico’s victory over which nation in 1862?

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What do you do with a Piñata?


What is the dominant religion in Mexico?

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How many Mexican languages are there?


Which of these is a traditional Mexican soup?


What is happening to the snake on the Mexican Flag?

¡OH, NO! You do not know Mexican culture at all well! Go directly to the library or - better still - pay a quick visit to the one of the world’s busiest megalopolises, Mexico City!

Muy buena! You’ve got some of the questions right but you could do better. Have another go to see if you can get a higher score in this Mexican Culture Quiz!

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GENIUS LEVEL. You know so much about Mexican Culture it’s amazing! Try having a go at some of our other culture quizzes!