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Mega Marvelous Miga Town Quiz

Miga Town is a great way to create and explore your own world - but are you the expert? Let’s find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 24th 2023

The Miga games let you move and play with all sorts of objects and items, so if you like designing spaces it’s a great place to start! But how well do you know the world of Miga and can you get all of these answers right?! There is only one way to tell, and that's with this mega Miga quiz! So power up, visit The Ville and let’s get right to all that rearranging! Remember! Don't put any fish in the microwave, only basketballs and shoes please!


What is the animal in the Miga World logo?


What animal is on the roof of the Miga Museum?


What animal is on top of the bank?


Is there a prison in Miga World?


What activity can you do at the park?


What animal with tusks lives at the ‘South Pole’?


How many official Miga Town games are there?


Can you visit the beach in Miga World?


What is the name of the theme park?


What is next to the shipwreck in Miga World?

Uh oh! Not quite the best result you could have asked for! But don’t worry Miga Town is a surprisingly complicated game, and there is so much to explore so we’re sure that you can do better if you have another go! Why not give it a try!

Nice! Not bad! You clearly know a thing or five about Miga Town! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some room to improve! Why not have another go and see if you can do a little better? It might help to have a little walk through the streets of Miga World for a start!

Alright! Now we’re really talking! You’re right up there with the Miga experts! There’s not much that gets past you and you’ve been paying attention to the game! Nice work! Why not check out some of the other quizzes on the site and see if you can beat them too? There are some great joke pages about dogs too!

Amazing! You’re the top of the class! There’s nothing you don’t know about Miga! If there was a way of completing the game you’ve done it! Congratulations! Give yourself a big pat on the back! Why not have a look at some of the other quizzes and joke pages on the site and see if you like them? You never know, you might get full marks on them too!