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The Ultimate Miley Cyrus Lyrics Quiz: Are You A Superfan?!

Miley is a household name, ever since she was a child actor she’s been big, but how well do you know the lyrics to her songs?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 18th 2024

Maybe Miley isn’t the most wordy of writers, but she sure knows how to get a chorus down! It must run in the family! But are you a Miley expert? Can you pick out the right lyrics from our specially designed lyric quiz? There’s only one place, and one way to find out, and that's right here! So what are you waiting for?!


I came in like...


When the taxi man turned on the radio, which artist was playing?


In Party in the USA, when the DJ dropped the tune, who was playing?


What did Miley chip on the dashboard in 4x4?


What artist features on 4x4?


What is the next line: “Frightened by my own reflection”...


What is the next line: “Every single night and every single day”...


What song is the last lyric from?


What is the next line “We were good, we were gold”...


In the song Flowers, what colour does she paint her nails?

Miley Cyrus | YouTube

Uh oh! Okay, maybe it’s time you went and had a look at some of these lyrics in a little bit more detail? Maybe of course you’ve gotten this quiz mixed up with a quiz about the lyrics to the island nation of Cyprus? Maybe…

Miley Cyrus | YouTube

Alright! Now we’re talking! You’ve got some serious skills when it comes to memory! You’ve managed to get a very respectable score on this quiz, Miley would be proud, but we think you can do even better, so why not have a quick shuffle through some of Miley’s greatest hits and see if you can do better?

Miley Cyrus | YouTube

Epic score! Wow! You’ve nearly got 100% on this one! Well done, you’re allowed to call yourself a Miley Superfan for sure, but do you think you’ve got what it takes to be the lyrical expert? If you want that title, you’re just going to have to retake the quiz and see if you can get full marks! Why not have one last go?!

Miley Cyrus | YouTube

Incredible, you’ve done it, you’re the expert! There isn’t anyone better, or with a more complete knowledge of Miley’s music! Maybe not even her?! Who knows, but what is obvious is that you are right at the top of your game! Well done, give yourself a pat on the back! Why not have a go at some of the other lyric quizzes on the site and see if you can beat them too?