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The Ultimate Minecraft Dungeons Quiz!

This epic quiz is packed full of Minecraft Dungeon facts so put down your pickaxes and pick up your double bladed broadsword!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 30th 2023

Can you battle through our action-packed, treasure-stuffed, monster-filled quiz— in an epic quest to loot the our quiz-dungeon of treasure! Just how much do you know about Minecraft Dungeons?


Spot the real Minecraft Dungeons Quest


Spot the real Minecraft Dungeons Quest


Spot the real Minecraft Dungeons Quest


Spot the real Minecraft Dungeons Quest


How many players can work together in Minecraft Dungeons?


Who's the baddy in Minecraft Dungeons?


What does a Corrupted Beacon do in Minecraft Dungeons?

8/11 Dungeons and Dragons dice

Minecraft Dungeons is an RPG. What does RPG stand for?

9/11 Computer joke thumbnail

What company makes Minecraft?


What is/was especially exciting about the date, 26 May 2021?


What won't you find in Minecraft Dungeons?

You've found no treasure in this dungeon. Try getting some friends to help you!

Some basic knowledge has equipped you well, brave adventurer. Have a little bit of treasure.

Epic! Massive stash of treasure unlocked!