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The Ultimate Modern Goalkeeping Quiz

How much do you know about the much misunderstood art of Football Goalkeeping!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 2nd 2022

A goalkeeper’s life is not an easy one. It’s well known that the football goalkeeper has the hardest job on the pitch. If you’re in the Premier League, there’s millions of people watching your every move, and the smallest mistake can lead to conceding a goal. But there’s the chance to be star too. Take heroes like Hugo Lloris, David De Gea, Jordan Pickford and Mary Earps for example. All legends of the game. See if you can join their ranks by acing this modern goalkeeping quiz!


1/10 What part of the body are football goalkeepers allowed to use that outfielders are not?

2/10 A football fan thinking about the answer to this question

Who is 2022/23 Manchester Utd goalkeeper?

3/10 A goalkeeper diving for the ball

What’s the best thing for a goalkeeper to do in a one on one?

4/10 A person in a red shirt holding a football

Who is the 2022/2023 Liverpool goalkeeper?

5/10 A football

Where do you take a goal kick from?

6/10 A football fan pointing upwards, suggesting his team are number 1

Which England goalkeeper has won the most international trophies?

7/10 A goalkeeper diving for the ball

As a goalkeeper what must you remember for a penalty?

8/10 A goalkeeper looking sad next to a net
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Who is the 2022/23 Newcastle goalkeeper?

9/10 A goalkeeper diving for the ball

What should you do if you think you can reach the ball but can’t catch it from a corner?


10/10 Which goalkeeper (almost) shares his name with a type of primate?

Result: Howler

What a blunder! You’ve fumbled the ball into your net IN THE WORLD CUP FINAL. To be a professional goalkeeper, you’ll need to pick yourself up and have another go!

Result: Not bad

Not bad. You only let in one goal from a corner. Try to be a bit more commanding of the six yard box and have another go to keep a clean sheet in your next game!

Result: Clean Sheet

Clean Sheet. A great performance. You saved a couple of one on ones, completely dominated your box and tip one over the bar in the dying seconds. A great performance

Result: Player of the Match

Player of the season! Not only did you save all the shots on target during the game, but you were also hero of the penalty shootout. You are the GOAT!