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Do Not Go Past This Monopoly Board Quiz!

Do you know your way around the world's favourite board game? Take a chance on this epic Monopoly quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 24th 2023

Monopoly is an absolute classic family board game, that's equally good at bringing people together and causing huge arguments! There are a lot of different versions of this famous game, but how well do you know the board? We focus on the UK version in this quiz, but you'll need to be an international Monopolist if you want to get 100%!

Are you ready to test your knowledge? It's quiz time!


Which of these places is NOT on the London version of the Monopoly board?


Community... what?

3/10 Two lightbulbs laughing

What are the two utilities?


What kind of dog is the dog piece?


In the US version, which one of the properties is the most expensive to land on?

6/10 A llama playing monopoly

How many houses do you need to build before you can put down a Hotel?

7/10 Beano Monopoly

There are lots of different versions of Monoply. Which one of these is NOT real?

8/10 A smiling train

Which of these is NOT a train stattion in the London version?

9/10 A lot of money

How much money do you collect when you pass go?

10/10 Two prisoners

If you're not in jail, you're.. what?

Noooo! This is not how you win at Monopoly! You'd better book in another 4 hours and have another go! It might help you swot up on some key locations! Or you could just try another quiz... we have lots more where this one came from!

Pretty good! This is a nice score! You clearly know a lot about Monopoly! You got a couple wrong but never mind - you can go back and see if you can get a higher score, or you can just move on to the next board game quiz! What'll it be?

Awwww yeah! This a really good score! You know LOADS about Monopoly! In fact, it would have been a full 10/10, if it wasn't for one or two you got wrong. Never mind though! Can you beat this score on a different board game quiz? We have more!

Woah! Amazing! This score is perfect! A clean 10/10 - you're a Monopoly expert! Well done! You can't beat this score - but you could see if you can match it on a different board game quiz! Let's have a go!