Can You Guess the Film From the Tagline?

Test your movie knowledge with this extra-tricky film tagline quiz!

Check out this movie tagline quiz with answers!

Image by @toystory | instagram

What animated movie has this tagline?

Get Ready To Hit The Road.


And this tagline?

The Ocean Is Calling.

Image by @marvel | instagram

Which Marvel film has this tagline?

An Entire Universe. Once and for All.

Image by Elf | New Line Cinema | Kevin Alterman | Jon Favreau

And which Christmas movie has this tagline?

This holiday, discover your inner elf.


And what film do you reckon this tagline comes from?

Welcome to the secret world inside your phone. An adventure beyond words.

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Image by @starwars | giphy

Pick the right line from Star Wars...


What film does this tagline come from?

This Summer, the Galaxy Won't Save Itself.


And this tagline?

This Time It's Not Just A Walk In The Park!


Discover a world of wishes and wonder...

Is the tagline of which Christmassy movie?


And this tagline?

A Huge Journey to Find a Tiny Friend

By the way, the picture is a clue!


Ok! You know the drill by now! What film has this tagline?

Where our world ends, his begins.

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