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Which Mr Men Character Are You?

Which Mr Men Character Are You? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 26th 2022

Welcome to the world of the Mr Men. It doesn’t matter how you’re feeling or whether you’re circular, star-shaped or even just a scribble, there’s a Mr Man for you. Emotions are complicated though. If your feelings are hard to work out, try this which Mr Men Character Are You Quiz

Roger Hargreaves | Mr Clever

What’s your current mood?

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2/10 Pick your favourite colour?


What would you take on a quest?


4/10 Pick your perfect day trip!

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5/10 What’s your favourite sport?


Pick a word without thinking?


What’s your motto!

@prestonplayz | YouTube

Pick a YouTuber


What would you rather be?

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10/10 Pick an animal that represents your personality?

Roger Hargreaves | Mr Bump Goes On Holiday

Mr Bump

It doesn’t matter that you’re a bit clumsy, people love you the way you are because you’re a wonderful person! That’s why you have so many friends!

Roger Hargreaves | Mr Happy

Mr Happy

Everybody loves Mr Happy. You’re a ray of sunshine that brightens everybody up. Just a glimpse of your smile will send even Mr Grumpy skipping off happily! Go you!

Roger Hargreaves | Mr Tickle

You’re Mr Tickle

You’re Mr Tickle. You’re a cheeky prankster who makes everybody laugh. To you, life’s one big joke to be enjoyed. That’s why everybody thinks you’re marvellous. Just one thing… Remember to respect people’s personal space!

Roger Hargreaves | Mr Messy

You’re Mr Messy

Are your grown-ups forever asking you to tidy your bedroom? We thought so. You’re Mr Messy. You might be a bit of a scruffy so and so, but it’s not all bad. You’re also highly creative, crafty and a very talented person all round. Well done!