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Epic Multiplication Quiz

It's time for times tables, with talonted bird brain Batto the maths owl!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 14th 2022

Welcome to times table club with Batto the maths Owl! No time to explain - what's 10 x 4?


And 3 x 6? Come on - Batto hasn't got all day!


Concentrate on the question. 6 x 5. Come on, little human!


Don't mind me hanging out up here. You've got maths to do.7 x 3?


Getting a bit harder now. Focus!8 x 6! 


Next! Chop chop, human!5 x 5?


Is that some kind of delicious mammal in my class? I'll deal with that in a second.Now, what's 4 x 12?


Back in a moment.*squeak squeak squeak*11 x 6?


Umph. Right so...where were we? Ah yes *slurp* 8 x 12?


Woah. That mouse thing made me feel kind of queasy. 6 times 20?


Yeah definitely feeling a bit ill from that mouse thing. Maybe I should have cooked it first. OK, last few questions!10 x 100,000?


Phew, OK. Maths. 8 x 8?


Come on Batto, last one. You can do this. You're the maths owl, remember?2 x 36?

Uh oh! Batto the maths owl isn't too pleased with this score! Have another go?

Not bad! You just about got a decent score, there! Can you beat it on another maths quiz?

Nicely done! That's owl for now, folks!

Wow! High score! Batto is very impressed with your maths skills!