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This Try Tricky Mystery Object Picture Quiz!

What on Earth are these things? Let's see if you can you work out what these 10 everyday objects are from this extra-tricky picture clues!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 9th 2023

Are you looking for a head-scratchingly hard picture quiz? Well you're in the right place! Let's see if you can work out what these 10 cryptic clues might be… It's harder than it looks, honest! The rules are simple, we'll show you 10 pictures and you tell us what they are. Watch out for trick questions, and good luck!

Ready? Let's get guessing!


What could this thing be?


And what's this?


What's this?


Next up... it's... what?


Ugh. What's that?


Ok this one is HARD. What animal does this belong to?


And what could this thing be?


And what could this be?


Up next, it's... this. What is it?


Last one! What could it be?!

Bah! Looks like these tricky picture clues were just a bit too tricky! Never mind - have another go if you want to score a bit higher on these. Otherwise we have lots of other great picture clues for you to try out! Give 'em a go!

Pretty good! Not too bad at all! You managed to work out a good few of these mystery objects! You did miss out on a few though - do you know where you went wrong? Have another go and see if you can score a bit higher! Or just try another picture quiz!

Very nice indeed! This score is not too shabby! Nice work! You managed to work out loads of these clues - and only one or two mystery objects managed to sneak past you. Well done! Do you feel like trying to beat this score on a different picture quiz? We have lots more!

Amazing! You nailed this! The perfect score - well done! You managed to correctly guess every single one of these 10 mystery objects! Phew - you're a natural! Now, you can't improve on this score - but you might be able tomatch it on another picture quiz? Let's find out!