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The Ultimate Myths and Legends Quiz Questions!

Have you got what it takes to be a legend! Play our Myths and Legends Quiz to test your skill!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021
1/10 A minotaur

Ancient Greece: The Court of King Minos... You're off into the Labyrinth to slay the Minotaur. What do you take?

2/10 Medusa

That's the Minotaur slain...Next stop the Isle of Sarpedon and the next on your list of monsters to slay is Medusa the Gorgon. What do you take?

3/10 A cyclops

Ancient Greece is full of monsters and you've been trapped in the clifftop cave of a cyclops. What's the plan?

4/10 A red winged character

"Bird-bodied, girl-faced things they are; abominable their droppings, their hands are talons, their faces haggard with hunger insatiable" What was the Roman poet Virgil, talking about?

5/10 A brave knight

Now to the courts of King Arthur....You're sitting at the round table. Which of these Knights isn't invited?

6/10 A dog witch

What was King Arthur's Magician called?

7/10 The green knight

What did Sir Gawain bravely offer to the Green Knight?

8/10 A sword in a big rock

What was King Arthur's sword called?

9/10 Beowulf and Grendle

Our quest takes us to the Scandinavian forests, and the saga of Beowulf. What did Beowulf do to the monster, Grendle?

10/10 A warrior's helmet and a muscular sparrow

Finally... Which of these legendary people wasn't at the siege of Troy?

Result - Not a legend

You're a zero NOT a hero. You're so far away from a seat at the Round Table you can't even see the towers of Camelot looming through the ancient mists!

Result - Quite a legend

What a hero... Maybe you not quite strong enough to pull the sword from the stone, but you probably have the strength to pull an ogres arm off which is also pretty impressive.

Result - Total legend

You are the greatest hero of all! Storytellers tell of your legend, and bards travel from village to village to sing of your daring deeds!