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Name The NBA Player Quiz!

How well do you know the current stars of the NBA? Take the quiz and find out now!

Let’s go!

1/10 Houston Rockets' star player
HoustonRockets | Twitter

This player is one of Houston Rockets' stars. What's his name?

2/10 Golden State Warrior star

Who's this Golden State Warrior?

3/10 Dallas Mavericks

This player is regular for Dallas Mavericks. What's he called?

4/10 Former Toronto Raptors player

This player moved from Toronto Raptors to Los Angeles Clippers. Can you name him?

5/10 Miami Heat player

This player left Philadelphia 76ers to sign with Miami Heat. Name him for another point.

6/10 Detroit Pistons player

Who's this Detroit Pistons star?

7/10 Los Angeles Lakers

This legend players for Los Angeles Lakers. What's his name?

8/10 Denver Nuggets player

This chap on the left plays for the Denver Nuggets. What's his name?

9/10 Milwaukee Bucks player

Can you name this Milwaukee Bucks star?

10/10 Philadelphia 76ers player

This Philadelphia 76ers player clearly enjoys wearing a headband. What's he called for one more point?

Oh dear!

Oh dear! Why not have another go? 

Good effort!

Good effort! You know a fair bit about the NBA. Why not have another go and see if you can get a bigger score?

Great work!

Great work! You know loads about the current crop of NBA stars!


Wow! You must have watched every game this season!

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