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Be Inspired! 

You may think your character traits hold you back. They don’t. Take inspiration from Beano characters and discover your superhero within! 

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 22nd 2022

What kind of person are you? We all have different character traits which can help us succeed, and they’re the key to unlocking your future. What are yours? Find out with this quiz! And for more awesome activities, visit NatWest Thrive - With Marcus Rashford!

1/10 Dennis asleep in bed

As you're drifting off to sleep you begin to remember that you have a project due in the morning! How do you react? 

2/10 Rubi in front of a chalkboard
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You’ve been asked to do a presentation in front of your class. How would you approach this? 

3/10 Minnie standing on a desk

You’re doing school work in class and your friend starts chatting to you. What do you do? 

4/10 Rubi and JJ outside school

The school is doing a charity fundraiser and you’ve been selected to come up with ideas. How do you tackle this? 

5/10 Dennis shouting in a classroom

You’re in the middle of a lesson and a bird has flown in through the window. Random! How do you get it out safely? 

6/10 Calamity James in goal

You’re representing your school at sport, but you don’t feel very confident. How do you rise above the nerves? 

7/10 Dennis and Piecface react to a surprise test

Your class has been set a surprise test. How do you react? 

8/10 Mandi at a talent show

Your school is doing a talent competition and everyone must take part – you feel nervous doing it. What's your plan of action? 

9/10 JJ in a field
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Which of the following personality traits do you feel people look at negatively? 

10/10 Roger with spiral eyes

You’ve accidentally bought 5 boxes of sweets instead of just 5 packets from an online shop! What do you do with them all? 

Result: Anxious

You’re: ANXIOUS! 

Just like Mandi, you tend to spend time worrying about the little things in life, but that's absolutely fine. Think of it this way – you worry about things because you care, whether it’s about your friends or your school work. Remember though, worrying doesn’t fix anything. Talk to a friend – a problem shared is a problem halved. 

Result: Risk taker

You’re a: RISK TAKER! 

You’re just like Dennis! You love doing things in the moment and taking risks in the name of having fun. While this might get you into trouble, sometimes it can be a positive thing. Rather than holding back and not participating in activities, you leap straight in and gain new experiences.  

Result: Unlucky

You’re: UNLUCKY! 

You’re just like Beanotown’s unluckiest boy Calamity James and nothing ever seems to go right, does it? But think of it this way, when things like that happen, you learn from the experience and grow from it! Luck is just the way you look at a situation, so turn that frown upside down and smile!  

Result: Active

You’re: ACTIVE! 

You’re just like JJ: Fierce, fit and ready for any challenge. You’re active and enjoy doing all kinds of sports and activities, which is not only good for keeping healthy, but it’s good for your mental health too.  

Result: Organised


You’re just like Rubi, in that you’re incredibly prepared for any situation. You do your homework on time and are ready for any test! Like she says, fail to prepare, prepare to fail! 

Result: Chilled

You’re: CHILLED! 

Just like Pieface, you tend to go with the flow and try to not let anything you get you down. That’s not to say you don’t care. You think a lot about everything and see the bigger picture when things feel like they might become too much. 

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