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Who Do You Want To Be?

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what you’ll do when you grow up, but if you follow your passions then amazing things can happen, so don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do! Answer these questions to see where your dreams can take you!  

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 22nd 2022

You might have it worked out already or maybe you’re not sure at the moment, but what counts is passion. Find out where your dreams will take you with this quiz! And for more awesome activities, visit NatWest Thrive - With Marcus Rashford!

1/10 A teacher points at a student

How would your teacher describe you? 

2/10 A gamer playing the classic Pong

What’s your favourite thing to do after school? 

3/10 Two children dressed as a doctor and construction worker

Which personality trait do you think is important when doing a job? 

4/10 A man on a laptop

Why do you use tablets, laptops and other tech devices?

5/10 Maths quiz

Would you enjoy working with maths, numbers and statistics? 

6/10 An artist in their studio

Do you enjoy doing things which allow you to be creative? 

7/10 A boy eating his homework

What’s your attitude towards homework? 

8/10 A tray of cookies

It’s the weekend. What do you want to do? 

9/10 A clever maths student

Which subject do you wish you could learn more about? 

10/10 Pizza or gaming
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What sort of things do you enjoy doing during the school holidays? 

Result: Web designer

You could be a: WEB DESIGNER 

You have a keen eye for graphic design and know your way around a computer. The internet is a gigantic part of our lives and a good, clean website design makes people’s user experience a positive one. YOU could be that person! 

Result: Games coder

You could be a: GAMES CODER 

You clearly love playing computer games and have the thirst for knowledge about how they’re put together. With an eye for detail and a technical know-how, maybe you could be the brains behind the next Minecraft! 

Result: Plumber

You could be: PLUMBER 

You love solving practical problems and don’t mind rolling your sleeves up to fix them! You could be a real-life Super Mario and save someone’s day by mending a leaking pipe! 

Result: Fitness coach

You could be a: FITNESS COACH 

You love all sports and often inspire your friends to join you in keeping fit or taking part in team games. Lots of people want to get fit and often lack the drive to work towards their goals. You could be the person that inspires them! Move over, Joe Wicks – there's a new fitness guru in town – and it’s YOU! 

Result: Doctor

You could be a: DOCTOR 

With a love of science, biology and a general interest in how the human body works, you could be a doctor! You get to make people feel better and people will see you as some sort of superhero!  

Result: Painter and decorator


You love painting and all things creative, so why not consider being a painter and decorator? You would be tasked with making people’s homes look beautiful and you can listen to your favourite songs while you work! Win-win! 

Result: Social media marketing expert


You love social media and often wonder about why people behave the way they do. With a little training, you could be the sort of person who delivers ideas that will make people click away!  

Result: Business owner

You could be a: BUSINESS OWNER 

We could tell by the way you’re the first to help out with school bake-sales that you’ve got a business mind! If this sounds like you, think about what you’re interested in and how to apply that to making money! You could even be your own boss! Wow! 

Result: Youtuber

You could be a: YOUTUBER 

You’re fun, outgoing, love to make people interested in what you have to say and have a film-maker’s eye! A YouTuber could be the perfect job for you!  

Result: Engineer

You could be an: ENGINEER 

You’re very interested in how things work, why they work and how things are put together. If you’ve taken your toys apart to find out these answers and made them work again, then a career in engineering is probably the perfect job for you! 

This has been part of NatWest Thrive with Marcus Rashford – find out more about how they want to help build your confidence and more fun games!