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Money Mind: Are You a Saver or a Spender?

Answer these questions to find out how well you look after your money!  

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 22nd 2022

What are you like when it comes to money? Do you like to splash your cash or put a little aside for something you really want? Find out with this quiz! And for more awesome activities, visit NatWest Thrive - With Marcus Rashford!

1/10 A man with money in his pocket, with a little dog next to them

It’s the weekend and you have a pocket full of cash! Do you…

2/10 A woman with an empty purse, with a background of pound coins

If you run out of money or don’t have enough, do you… 


3/10 Which of these have you tried to earn extra money?

4/10 A woman carrying shopping bags, plus a curious giraffe

Which of the following do you usually do... 

5/10 Two friends hanging out together

If your mates asked you to go and do something expensive when you’ve got no money, what would you do... 

6/10 A birthday cake

It’s your birthday and you’ve received a good amount of money. Do you... 

7/10 Woman holding paper money

Would having access to money really make you happy? 

8/10 A piggy bank

Do you enjoy saving for things you really want? 

9/10 A man thinking about bikes

You’d like to make a big purchase. How would you go about it? 

10/10 A dog at a shop sale

Your favourite shop is having a sale. Do you… 

Result: Spender

You’re a: SPENDER! 

You sound like you make quick decisions about spending and live in the moment. Not planning might lead to risky decisions and so learning about how to manage money and plan for things could be helpful in achieving goals and ambitions, especially those related to having things. Think about what might be better in the future. Spend now or save for later? 

Result: Saver Spender


You spend exactly half of the money you have, then carefully save the rest. You understand that saving is important but you also know how to have some fun when you hit the shops! 

Result: Occasional Saver


You’re able to make reasoned and controlled decisions about spending most of the time, and have a good balance between splashing the cash and stashing away for a rainy day. But ask yourself, are there advantages to being more of a spender than a saver?  

Result: Saver

You’re a: SAVER! 

You’re really careful with money, and might not feel able to spend it whenever you like. Remember, there is nothing wrong with wanting more, or planning for ways to have more rewards and treats as long as it doesn’t impact negatively on you! 

This has been part of NatWest Thrive with Marcus Rashford – find out more about how they want to help build your confidence and more fun games!