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New Apple iPad and iPhone Emojis are Coming!

There are loads of new emojis coming to your iPhone and iPad in iOS 11.1. Which will be useful and which will be useless?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 9th 2017

There are loads of new emojis!

Apple have just unveiled 29 of the hundreds about to appear on your iPhone and iPad. There are already loads of emojis though, which ones will actually be used?


A rude person! A cricket! A curling rock!

We can see people using the rude person a lot, and the cricket one could come in handy when discussing (a) the sport of cricket and (b) getting attacked by plagues of locusts. It's hard to see a use for the curling rock emoji other than to talk about curling, which we have never actually heard anyone discuss in real life ever.


Dim sum! A dinosaur! A fairy!

The dim sum one is pretty specific, but when you need to explain you're going to a Chinese restaurant, it'll come in handy! Both dinosaurs and fairies seem like we should have had them ages ago, and they'll get loads and loads of use because they're great.



This is great – a new set of emojis that just mean "people" rather than "men" or "women". Sometimes you just want to say people.


A giraffe! Gloves! A hat!

The giraffe one will come in very handy if texting people from the southern Africa.Here in Britain we'll probably get a lot more use out of the gloves. How did we not have a baseball cap emoji before?


A hedgehog! Hands doing the "I love you" sign! A mermaid!

Sadly it's quite hard to spot a hedgehog so they may not be used much. The "I love you" sign is a really nice idea – it's sign language – but will probably end up getting mainly used to mean "rocking out". How did we make it this far without a mermaid emoji? We need that immediately!


A face with a monocle on! An orange heart! A pie!

The monocle face is awesome but feels like it can only really be used for...erm...detectives? The orange heart is RUBBISH and USELESS and will never be used ever. The pie is great, and will be used whenever discussing pie, which is often (especially for Dennis's mate Pieface!).


A rock climber! A scarf! A "shhhh" face!

The rock climber feels like it could easily be used for anything difficult, while the scarf emoji is rarely going to be used without the gloves one so probably doesn't need to exist. The "shhhh" one, though, is great – the law will probably change so it's a crime to pass on a secret if the person who told you it used the shhhh emoji.


A person having a shower! A really silly face! A sled!

An emoji that says "I am having a shower"? Yeah. Useful. That's something people do pretty much every day. An emoji that says "I am being silly"? Yeah. Useful. That's something people do pretty much every day. An emoji that says "I am on a sledge"? That'll be used twice a year, tops.


Takeaway food! A trenchcoat! A vampire!

It feels like there can never be enough food emoji, so this is a great addition to the collection. A trenchcoat emoji is only useful if you are a detective (although, if you are, then yeah, it'll come in really handy). But the vampire? The vampire is EXCELLENT and will come in handy ALL THE TIME – we're not sure quite what situations it'll be useful in, but there'll definitely be loads, probably!


Broccoli! A wizard! Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!

You know how we just said there could never be enough food emojis? We take it back. The wizard, however, is great, and will be really useful all the time, because life is magical or something. Oh, and the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson one isn't real – but it should be!

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