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NewJeans Bias Quiz - Who Will Yours Be?

We’ve all got a bias, but in NewJeans, who is yours?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 10th 2024

From Hanni to Danielle, each of the NewJeans team are amazing but which of them would you be besties with? Who in the group is most likely to come to your birthday party? Why not take this quiz and find out for yourself!


Which country would you rather live in?


You’ve got a flat tyre and you’re lost in the woods, what’s next?


What is your dream breakfast?


Choose a drink that makes you feel happy!


What is your favourite song?


Choose a mode of transport…


You’re at an idol audition, what do you wear?


What is your favourite sport?


It’s the day before an exam, what do you do?


You’ve got a time machine, where do you go?

NewJeans | YouTube


Awesome! Your bias is Minji! They’re one of the nicest and most talented of all of the group and they really stand out! Their voice and dance moves are second to none and they really give their all when they perform, a bit like you, you always give 100% - what a great result!

NewJeans | YouTube


Incredible! Hanni is quite possibly the cutest of the whole bunch and their voice really sets them apart! They’ve got a unique style, just like you, so them being your bias is pretty obvious to us we think? But hey, if we’re wrong, why not try the quiz again, maybe you weren’t completely truthful with your answers?

NewJeans | YouTube


Nice! Danielle is a really special member of NewJeans, they’re incredibly talented, just like the rest of them, but they’ve got that special something that sets them apart from the others in their own unique way. A little bit like you, Danielle isn’t afraid to stand out or speak up, so keep being you!

NewJeans | YouTube


Haerin is the rock of the group, and just like how you are for your friends, they keep the ship sailing and the NewJeans, well new! Haerin has a wonderful voice and there aren’t many in the K-Pop world that can challenge her skills on the stage - what a result!