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NewJeans Quiz - Bunnies Only!

NewJeans have one of Korea’s freshest sounds, but are you a real bunny?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 9th 2024

They’ve been around for a little while now, but NewJeans have carved out their own special space in the world of K-Pop. But if you think you’ve got the skills and the knowledge to beat this specially designed quiz, then give it a go and let’s see!


What kind of music do New Jeans make?


How many members of the group are there?


What is BinkyBong?

NewJeans | YouTube

What was their debut song?


Which mini Album was Ditto on?


Which country was the video for Supershy filmed in?


Which country is Danielle’s accent from?


Where does the group sing the music video for ‘hurt’?


What dance music style is in the song Zero?


What is NewJean’s favourite animal?

NewJeans | YouTube

Okay, so you’re not quite so much of a bunny as you thought. But that’s okay, maybe you're new to their music, or maybe you were listening to it with only half an ear tuned in? Who knows, but what is certain is that you could probably do better on this quiz! So why not have another go and see if you can do better?

NewJeans | YouTube

Nice work! You’re definitely one of the Bunnies! But you know what? There's always room for a little bit more, right? So why not give this quiz another try and see if you can score full marks? If you truly want to be the best Bunny of the bunch then it’s time to keep at it and keep going till you reach the top!

NewJeans | YouTube

Blam! Awesome! Your NewJeans knowledge is seriously impressive! There really isn’t much you don’t know about them and their journey to the top! You’ve got some real skills when it comes to this amazing group and you’re not SuperShy to share them, and that means a lot! But let's push for that perfect score - can you do it another time around?

Epic! You did it! The world of K-Pop is yours for the taking! Seriously, you're a NewJeans genius, and that's seriously cool! When the other Bunnies don’t know what to do, they call on you! Give yourself a big high-five and don’t forget to challenge your friends to see if they can do better! So, who's up for some karaoke?