Niall Horan Quiz

Reckon you know all there is to know about the former One Directioner? Test yourself with this pop-tacular trivia quiz!


Niall Horan was definitely the best looking member of which former boyband?


Niall Horan is the most talented musician EVER from which country?


Niall Horan was the greatest ever contestant on which TV talent show?


Which judge decided to put Niall in the greatest ever boyband of all time?


Niall Horan's also the best businessman in the world. He runs a company that manages which type of sports star?

Totally Random Question

How are you finding out about new toys/games at the moment?

(By ‘games’ we mean any games such as; board games, card games or console games)

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What was Niall Horan awesome first solo album called?


Niall Horan's even more awesome second album was called...?


Who hasn't been blessed by being called one Niall Horan's greatest influences?


Niall Horan suffered from what medical condition culminating in major surgery in 2014? 


Last question. We're off to dye our hair Niall Horan's favourite colour. What is it?

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