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Can You Go 10 Rounds With This Nicola Adams Quiz?

How much do you know about this Olympic gold medallist boxer and Strictly Come Dancing star?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 2nd 2023

Nicola Adams OBE is a former Olympic gold medallist boxer and retired as an undefeated professional a few years ago. Not only has she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, she has an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Leeds. How much do you know about this legendary boxer? Take the quiz and find out!

1/10 Nicola Adams

What is Nicola's middle name?

2/10 A hand pointing to the map of the UK

In which English city was she born?

3/10 A birthday cake

On what day is her birthday?

4/10 A cheeky gold medal surrounded by splats

She was an amateur boxer when she won the first Olympic women's boxing gold medal. True or false?

5/10 A boxing referee

In which year did she turn professional?

6/10 A pair of boxing gloves with a cheetah referee at the front

When did she announce her retirement from the sport?

7/10 A shiny trophy

When was she nominated for BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

8/10 Nicola Adams

She has been awarded an MBE and an OBE. In which year was she awarded the OBE for services to boxing?

9/10 Nicola Adams on Strictly Come Dancing

When did she first appear on the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing?

10/10 A boxer and a cheetah referee in a boxing ring

As a professional boxer, she took part in 6 bouts. Despite not losing any at all, how many did she actually win?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! You didn't last around in this flyweight trivia bout? Not the result you were hoping for? Why not step into the quiz ring and have another go?

Result: Good try

Good try! You know some facts about Nicola Adams but not enough to get a knockout score! Have another go. We believe in you!

Result: Great work

Great work! You know loads about Nicola Adams and just missed out on a perfect score. Why not take a moment, then step into the trivia ring again and you might just do it!

Result: Wow

Wow! Only Nicola Adams could get a perfect score when it comes to Nicola Adams trivia, surely. Unless you're a mega-fan. Congratulations!