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Niko Omilana Quiz

He's a Youtuber, a prankster and a... politician? Take this ridiculous Youtube quiz and find out how much you really know about this legendary Londoner!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 31st 2024

There's more to Niko Omilana than just prank videos and Youtuber challenges! He's always putting himself in all kinds of ridiculous situations - but how much do you really know about Niko? Test your knowledge of this hilarious internet legend with this epic trivia quiz!

1/10 A hand pointing to the map of the UK

Where was Niko born?

@Niko Omilana | Youtube

Niko is part of... what?

@BetaSquad | Youtube

Who is this friend of Niko's?


What is Niko's cat called?

5/10 A pranked farmer

Niko got famous for pranking... what kind of person?

@Beta Squad | Youtube

Niko started the... what?

@Niko Omilana | Youtube

What big public job did Niko run for?

8/10 A voting ballot box

And what place did he come in?

@Niko Omilana | Youtube

Which of these was NOT something Niko wanted to do if he was elected Mayor?


What football team does Niko support?

@Niko Omilana | Youtube

EEEK! You don't know much about Niko! Unlucky! You should swot up and have another go at this quiz! Better luck next time! We have plenty more epic quizzes about the Beta Squad for you to have a go at! Good luck!

@Niko Omilana | Youtube

Not bad! You definitely know a few things about Niko! This quiz wasn't easy, but you did ok. Would you like to score a bit better? Then have another go at this quiz! We're sure you can beat this score next time round

@Niko Omilana | Youtube

Amazing! You know loads about Niko! Well done! You almost got 100% - do you knwo where you went wrong? One or two right answers must have slipped past you - do you know which ones? Never mind - let's see if you can score higher than this on a different Youtuber quiz!

@Niko Omilana | Youtube

Wahoo! Great work! You got absolutely every single question right! 100%! Amazing! You can't beat this score - but you might be about to match it on a different Beta Squad quiz! Good luck!