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Try This No Good Nick Character Quiz!

Do you watch No Good Nick? Take this TV quiz and find out if you're more like Molly or a dead ringer for Ed!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 6th 2024

No Good Nick is a family show with lots of twists and turns, unexpected baddies and sneaky people who realise the errors of their ways. But which one of the characters from the show is most like you? Answer these 10 questions and this epic TV quiz will tell you exactly which character is the closest match to your personality!

Let's get going!

No Good Nick | Netflix

Where's your favourite place to hang out?

2/10 A big lasagna in space

Pick an Italian dish:

No Good Nick | Netflix

Your favourite family member is... ?

No Good Nick | Netflix

Which one of these is most important?

5/10 Llama in a hockey rink

Now pick a sport:

6/10 Someone thinking about a difficult question

Would you ever... lie about something?

7/10 DIY

Pick a hobby:


Which of these is funnier?

No Good Nick | Netflix

Pick an episode of No Good Nick:

No Good Nick | Netflix

Oop! Liz is giving out chores! What does she give you?

No Good Nick | Netflix

You're Nick!

Our quiz machine has thought about your answers and you are definitely Nick Franzelli! Nick is smart and loyal to her family, and has no problem bending the rules to get where she wants to be. She's the star of the show - but are you really like her? If you're not sure then maybe you should take this quiz again and see who you get next time!

No Good Nick | Netflix

You're Jeremy!

Your results are telling us that the character you're most like is Jeremy! You can be pretty serious and have big plans for the future. You love your friends and family and are a bit suspicious of Nick... but you mostly get on great. Not who you were expecting? Have another go at this quiz and see who you get next time!

No Good Nick | Netflix

You're Molly!

Ok - your results are in! The character you're most like is Molly Thompson! You're caring, thoughtful and want to make the world a better place. You can be a bit rude every now and again, but hey - nobody's perfect! Not the character you were expecting? Have another go and see who you get next time!

No Good Nick | Netflix

You're Ed!

Yourt answers tell us that you're most like Ed Thompson! Ed is the dad of the family and the main provider. He works in a bank but isn't quite as boring as that sounds! You're a supprtive kind of person who's always there for people, evenif you're little grumpy about it sometimes. Rather be someone else? Have another go at this quiz!