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Norris Nuts: The Ultimate Biggy Quiz

Are you Biggy's biggest fan? Test your Norris Nuts know-how with this Aussie Youtuber quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 28th 2022

Norris Nuts is a popular YouTube channel which features a family of eight who post videos of their fun challenges and daily life. But how much do you know about Biggy Norris? We reckon only a Norris Nuts expert will get a perfect score in this quiz. Are you ready? Let's go!

1/10 Biggy Norris
The Norris Nuts | YouTube

What is Biggy's real name?

2/10 Pringles challenge
Norris Nuts Do Stuff | YouTube

Biggy is the second oldest child in the Norris family. True or false?

3/10 Star signs

Biggy was born on January 30. Which star sign does this make him?

4/10 An alarm clock

What time does Biggy normally wake up?

5/10 Biggy lifting weights in family gym
@biggynorris | Instagram

What does he call the piece of gym equipment he uses every day?

6/10 The Norris Nuts

What are Biggy's parents called?

7/10 Biggy Norris playing ther guitar
@biggynorris | Instagram

What colour eyes does Biggy have?

8/10 Biggy carrying a skateboard through the park
@biggynorris | Instagram

Biggy had a gaming account hacked and was locked out of his favourite games. What was it?

9/10 A scene from the Norris Nuts vlogs
The Norris Nuts | YouTube

How many brothers and sisters does Biggy have?

10/10 Australian map on a globe

In which Australian city does Biggy live with his family?

Oh no
The Norris Nuts | YouTube

Oh no!

Good try
The Norris Nuts | YouTube

Good try!

Great work!