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Can You Beat This Tricky Northern Ireland Quiz?

Think you know the UK's wildest region? Find out how much you know about Northern Irish culture and geography with this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 28th 2023

Whether you like windswept beaches, interesting history or 3 different types of bread for your breakfast, you can be sure that Northern Ireland has it all. But how much do you really know about this misunderstood part of the world? Answer these 10 questions and we'll let you know exactly how sharp those Northern Irish trivia skills are!

Come on, then!


Fill in the blank! Northern Ireland is North of Ireland, South of Scotland, and ___ of England?

2/10 Belfast Thumbnail

What's the capital of Northern Ireland?


What's this amazing natural spot called?


Is Ulster the same thing as Northern Ireland?


Which one of these things might you find in an Ulster fry?


Fill in the blank! Northern Ireland is home to the largest ____ on the island of Ireland?


Which of these is NOT a real place in Northern Ireland?


What is Derry also called by some people?


Which one of these celebs is from Northern Ireland?


How do you pronounce "Fermanagh"?

Oh no! This is not a score worthy of the Emerald Isle! In fact, bacon dad here is a bit unimpressed! You should probably have another go.... and make it snappy! These Northern Ireland quizzes are no joke!

Well... not bad, but it looks like you're one hunk of soda bread short of an Ulster fry. Can you improve on this score by having another go? But don't worry - this isn't a bad score, and we have lots of other cool geography quizzes for you to try!

Yeah! That's more like it! Great job! You really know your stuff - are you from Northern Ireland? Or just a big fan? Either way you did a great job! You didn't quote get 10/10, but never mind. Can you beat this score on a different geography quiz?

Amazing! Fantastic! Magnificent! What a great score! You know looooads about Northern Ireland, well done! You can't improve on this score, but can you match it on a different geography quiz? Let's find out!