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Not Enough Nelsons: Grace Quiz

It’s Not Enough Nelson time! This time it’s NayVee Grace, so let’s get quizzing!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 13th 2022

There are a lot of members of the Nelson family, and NayVee Grace is one of the world’s favourites, but how much do you know about this member of the huge Nelson family? Why not test your knowledge here!? NayVee is one of the coolest out of the lot so if you're going to be learning anything about any of them she's exactly where to start!

Let’s go!

1/10 A shark pointing at a globe

Where does NayVee live?

2/10 A toy doll with rollers in their hair

What colour is NayVee’s natural hair?

3/10 NayVee Grace looking surprised
NotEnoughNelsons | YouTube

When she chose her name, what was the other option?

4/10 NayVee Grace and a pigeon
NotEnoughNelsons | YouTube

Did NayVee wear braces?

5/10 Arrows pointing at a finger, with a racoon at the side

What did NayVee get stuck on her finger?

6/10 NayVee Grace
NotEnoughNelsons | YouTube

Is NayVee adopted?

7/10 A woman holding a calendar

When is NayVee’s birthday?

8/10 A man and a dolphin on a tropical island

What island country did NayVee go on holiday to?

9/10 A dog in a science laboratory

What does she want to be when she grows up?

10/10 NayVee Grace
NotEnoughNelsons | YouTube

How many siblings does she have?

Result: Uh oh
NotEnoughNelsons | YouTube

Uh oh! Not your finest result here, maybe you should pop back onto their amazing Youtube channel and see if you can learn a little bit more about the Nelsons. Don’t worry, the quiz will still be here waiting!

Result: Not bad
NotEnoughNelsons | YouTube

Not too shabby! You clearly know a thing or two about NayVee Grace, so well done! It might be worth checking out some of their older videos and seeing if you can pick up some extra points though! There's always room for improvement so why not have another go!?

Result: High score
NotEnoughNelsons | YouTube

Alright! Now we’re really getting somewhere! You’ve got a really good knowledge of NayVee Grace, and that’s something indeed! Well done! Why not check out some of our other quizzes and fact pages? We hear there’s a really good one on owls!

Result: Epic score
NotEnoughNelsons | YouTube

Epic! We don’t know how you’ve managed this! Were you guessing, if you were you might be the luckiest person in the world! Well done, you’ve scored full marks on this quiz, time to have a good ol’ relax, great work! Why not have a look at some of our amazing science facts?