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Take The Ultimate Oasis Quiz!

How much Oasis trivia do you know?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  March 21st 2022

Oasis are one of the biggest bands to come out of the United Kingdom – Manchester, to be exact. They've had eight number one singles and in 1996, they played to an estimated 250,000 people at an open-air concert in Knebworth, North Hertfordshire. How much do you know about the band? Why not take this quiz and find out!

1/15 A man with thick eyebrows

How many studio albums have Oasis made?

2/15 A woman listening to music at an actual oasis

Which of the following is NOT an Oasis album?

3/15 A man standing with an umbrella in the rain

What the original name of the band?

4/15 The cover of Oasis first single
Creation Records

What was the title of the band's first single?

5/15 Oasis guitarist Paul Arthurs
@boneheadspage | Instagram

What is guitarist Paul Arthurs' nickname?

6/15 Noel Gallagher playing guitar
Oasis | YouTube

What city are the band from?

7/15 Liam Gallagher playing the acoustic guitar
Oasis | YouTube

Which members of the band are brothers?

8/15 Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher
Oasis | YouTube

What year was Oasis founded?

9/15 Oasis' drummer playing drums in a pool
Oasis | YouTube

What was the name of their debut album?

10/15 Liam Gallagher singing on stage
Oasis | YouTube

Where did they get the name of the band from?

11/15 Oasis drummer in a music video
Oasis | YouTube

What genre did Oasis help popularise?

12/15 Oasis in the video for Wonderwall
Oasis | YouTube

Complete the lyric: 'Today is gonna be the day that ...'?

13/15 Oasis performing live
Oasis | YouTube

Which album won a Brit award?

14/15 Liam Gallagher in a beard and round glasses

What year did Oasis officially split?

15/15 Noel Gallagher playing guitar
Oasis | YouTube

Which of these bands are Liam and Noel both big fans of?

Result: Amazing

Woah! Is your name Noel? Because you're an expert on Oasis!

Result: Well done

Well done, you love Oasis and it shows!

Result: Try again

Not bad, but there's loads more to learn about Oasis! Have another go!

Result: Uh oh

Arrgh! Looks like someone's more of a Blur fan! Never mind, have another go!