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10 Question Oblivious Quiz: Are You An Expert?

How much do you know about YouTuber, Director, Game Dev and all round Legend, Oblivious?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 9th 2022

ObliviousHD is the brainiac behind a ton of Roblox content. Next time your Grown Ups tell you to stop playing Roblox, you can tell them that this Film Director, Game Developer, Writer and Awesome Dude paid off his parents mortgage before he was 20! And they say that playing Roblox won’t get you anywhere? How much do you know about ObliviousHD?


What is ObliviousHD’s real name?


How many YouTube views has Oblivious racked up?


Who is ObliviousHD’s brother?


Which of these is a ObliviousHD film?


Which Bacon Hair film was tantalising close to being released in 2022?


Which of these is an ObliviousHD film?

Please add image credits here

7/10 What was ObliviousHD’s first ever Roblox game?


Which of these is the real ObliviousHD film?


What item of facial furniture is on the ObliviousHD avatar/logo?


Complete the sentence: “ObliviousHD is..”

@ObliviousHD | YouTube

Oh no! Question: Do you know what Roblox is? If the answer is NO then you need to get onto ObliviousHD YoUTube channel right now and FIND OUT! If the answer is yes then have another go… AND TRY HARDER!

@ObliviousHD | YouTube

Not bad. Not bad at all! You’re an ObliviousHD fan but there’s so much more to ObliviousHD than meets the eye. Why don’t you have another go to see if you can enter the next level of the ObliviousHD Fandom!

@ObliviousHD | YouTube

Expert! You’re in the small minority of ObliviousHD fans who have seen almost all of his work! Well done! Have another go to see if you can get the top score!

@ObliviousHD | YouTube

EPIC WIN! You are a true master of all things ObliviousHD. There’s no point trying to get a higher score as you absolutely smashed this quiz. Reward yourself by checking out more of our Roblox content or spend some time watching ObliviousHD. We’ll let you decide!