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Obscure Music Quiz For Music Maestros Only!

Can you get 100% of this tricky obscure music quiz? Let's find out! We've put together some random music questions, see if you can answer them all!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 29th 2022

Think you're a music maestro? Then put your knowledge to the test with this tricky obscure music quiz! Can you answer these difficult music questions and get a top score? Good luck!

1/10 Flamingo and tiger in space

Who wrote 'The Planets' suite?

2/10 Conductor and splats
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What's so unusual about '4'33' by John Cage?

3/10 Chicken Run
Chicken Run | Aardman Animation | Dreamworks | Peter Lord, Nick Park, David Sproxton | Nick Park, Peter Lord

What instrument does the Chicken Run soundtrack prominently feature?

4/10 Pirate skull and crossbones with sunglaesses
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Which music artist's middle name is 'Pirate'?

5/10 Two sisters and question mark

Which singer has a sister called Solange?

6/10 Beano dragon and valley

Which country's national anthem is called 'Land of My Fathers'?

7/10 Man playing guitar with paw and splats

When was the electric guitar invented?

8/10 Snake with goofy face

What type of snake did Britney Spears famously have on stage in her 2001 VMA performance?

9/10 Singing goat with splats

What's a contralto?

10/10 Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus
Hannah Montana | Walt Disney Studios | Disney Channel

Who is Miley Cyrus' godmother?

Lowest result

Bad luck! You're not much of a music master, but you did your best! Have another go and see if you can do better!

Try again result

You got one or two answers, but not enough to call yourself a music maestro! Try again and see if you score any better!

Well done result

Good job! Someone knows their scales and their arpeggios! But next time, can you get 100%? We believe in you!

Amazing result

Incredible! You're truly the master of all music related quizzes! You know a bit about everything music related, and you got 100%! Amazing job!