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LEGO Friends Quiz: Which LEGO Friend Are You?

Obsessed with the LEGO Friends and wondering which one you are? Find out which of the girls is the closest to your personality

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  November 24th 2021

Take our LEGO Friends test to find out which character you are... Olivia, Mia, Andrea or Stephanie?


1/12 Which of these is your favourite colour?


2/12 I know it's hard to choose, but which of these is your favourite thing to eat?


3/12 What's your favourite way to get around?


4/12 What makes you happiest?


5/12 How do you like to relax?


6/12 What do your friends think is your WORST quality?


7/12 What do you want to be when you grow up?


8/12 What's your dream pet?


9/12 What's your motto or favourite quote?


10/12 Where's your favourite place to hang out in Heartlake City?


11/12 What do your friends think is your BEST quality?


12/12 Final question! What's the best thing someone can do to make you like them?


You're Mia! You love going on adventures in nature, telling the truth, and you don't let anybody tell you something is impossible. Go you!


You're Andrea! You love performing, singing and using that talent for good! You don't like being told 'no', but you'd do anything for your friends! Wooo!


You're Olivia! You're a super smart, super creative inventor! Maybe people don't like it when you use their things in your amazing inventions, but you know your inventions make them all happy in the end!


You are Stephanie! You're an active, sporty personality who's always planning new missions, and helping others be the best they can be! You like camping and being outdoors (and cupcakes)!


You are Emma! You're never happier than when you're out drawing, painting or taking pictures of beautiful things. You have a hard time deciding which piece of art to work on - and you're so creative you have a hard time finishing a project! Go you!