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Olivia Rodrigo GUTS Quiz

Have you got the GUTS to beat this quiz? Let’s see!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 3rd 2024

There aren’t many albums that hit quite as hard as GUTS - but do you think you’re one of the superfans who knows it inside out? You’ve found yourself in the right place to find out, so let’s get into it and test your knowledge of Olivia Rodrigo’s incredible GUTS! Let’s GOOOO!


Where is Olivia Rodrigo from?


What jewellery is Olivia wearing on the album cover?


GUTS was Olivia's ??? album?


Which spooky character is the title of one the tracks?


Lacy has skin like what?


What is the name of the last song on the album?


What was her first album called?


“The way you sold me for parts”...


Which of these songs ISN’T on the album?


How old is Olivia in Teenage Dream?

Olivia Rodrigo | YouTube

Okay! You’ve not done quite as well on this quiz as many you’d have liked but that’s okay! Why not put it on and listen back though your favourite tracks and come back, maybe you’ll have learnt something new?!

Olivia Rodrigo | YouTube

Alright! You’ve done okay on this quiz, you clearly know Olivia’s music pretty well - but we wouldn’t say you're the expert. GUTS isn’t even that long an album, so maybe you should give it a re-listen and come back once you’ve taken it all in?

Olivia Rodrigo | YouTube

Pow! There you go! That’s more like it! You’ve got a solid knowledge of GUTS, Olivia would be proud! But there’s still room for improvement if you want to show off your GUTS genius! So why not have another try and see if you can score 100%? Or of course you could check out some of the other amazing facts and quizzes on the site??

Olivia Rodrigo | YouTube

Epic! There is nothing you don’t know about this album! You’re the kind of person that has GUTS on repeat and it shows! We wouldn’t be surprised if Olivia was your favourite musician in the whole world! Great work! Why not bask in the glory of your win? Soak it up! Feels good right?