Edd Alert! It's A Numskulls Quiz!

Edd was up late last night, because he thought it was the weekend. Now it's Monday morning and he's got to go to school. Can you stop his Monday morning turning into a nightmare?

Edd Alert!


Oh no! The bell hasn't even rung yet and Edd's yawning his head off! Quick - what do you do to perk him up a bit?


Boring Maths is up first! What do you do to keep Edd alert when it counts?

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Thinking about online quizzes, what is most important to you?

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You've made it to lunchtime! What do you chow down on to give Edd some energy for the afternoon?


It's free reading time - what book do you want?


You've almost made it - pick a distraction to make it through the final lesson!

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