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This Overwatch 2 Map Quiz is Legend-ary!

Are you an Overwatch 2 expert? You'll need to know all 36 of these epic battlegrounds inside out to get full marks on this tricky gaming quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 28th 2022

What's your Overwatch fighting style? Do you prefer to sneak up on opponents or just charge straight into them? However you like to play Overwatch 2 you can be sure there's a map out there that'll help you win - and one that'll help you lose, too! Test how much you know about the 36 maps in the game by taking this fight-tastic gaming quiz! You'll need to keep your wits about you if you want to get full marks!

Ready to put your skills to the test? Let's get quizzing then!


One of the maps in Overwatch is called Busan. What real world country is the city of Busan in?

2/10 A politics building in London

What's the name of the map based on London?

Overwatch 2 | Blizzard

What map is this?


Where is Junkertown?


Finish the name of this map. "Route..." What?

6/10 Eiffel Tower

Colosseo is based on what European city?

7/10 Stone rock

Which of these maps has a giant rocky hill in it?


Which of these maps has lots of canals in?


What tower?


What country is Ayutthaya in?

Overwatch 2 | Blizzard

Uh oh! Genji is not best pleased with this score! You'd better play a LOAD of Overwatch and then come back and try this quiz again! It's the only way to fix this situation! But if you've been totally put off Overwatch by now there are lots of other gaming quizzes for you to try!

Overwatch 2 | Blizzard

Nice! Genji looks pretty pleased with this score (we think)! You definitely know a few things abou Overwatch 2, but you did miss out on a few right answers. Do you know where you went wrong? Why not see if you can beat this score on a different gaming quiz!

Overwatch 2 | Blizzard

This score is more than nice! You nailed it! You very almost got full marks on this, which is really nice work. Winston doesn't look too impressed, but he's a hard ape to please. Do you think you know where you went wrong? Why not see if you can beat this score and get full marks on a different gaming quiz?

Overwatch 2 | Blizzard

Fantastic! High score! You know loads about Overwatch 2! Winston doesn't look too pleased but... he's just like that! An excellent score. Now, can you get another 10/10 on a different gaming quiz? There's only one way to find out!