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Sports Quiz: Can You Hit This Pakistan Cricket Quiz For Six?

How much do you know about the most popular sport in Pakistan? Strap on those shinpads and put your Pakistani cricket skills to the test!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 18th 2024

It's a sport loved by billions... some of whom live in Pakistan! But not only is cricket super popular in Pakistan, this Asian country is very good at it and has give the world some of the greatest cricketers of all time. But how well do you really know the sporting history of this amazing country? Answer these questions and we'll find out!


Ok let's start off easy! What colour do you think of when you think of the Pakistan cricket team?

2/10 A wicket keeper catching the ball

Which of these these is NOT a nickname for the national team?


Cricket has been a popular sport in Pakistan before Pakistan was Pakistan. True or false?

Sky Sports Cricket via Youtube

Babar Azam is best at... what?


As well as being a cricket legend, Imran Khan was also... what?

6/10 A game of cricket

How far did Pakistan get in the 2021 T20 World Cup?

Please add image credits here

The cricket World Cup HAS been hosted by Pakistan. True or false?


According to the Pakistani news, one player has taken more selfies than any other cricket player in history. Who is it?

9/10 A pair of hands holding a sports trophy

Where is the National Stadium?

10/10 A cricket bat

When did Pakistan start a women's cricket team?

Ooooooh that's a sticky wicket! Too bad... you'd better have another go, and quick - before Imran Khan find out! This isn't your best score, but we're sure you can improve on a different sporting quiz. And luckily we have loads more! Phew!

Ooooh, pretty good! This is a decent score - you did get a few wrong, but well done! You definitely know a few things about Pakistani cricket! But can you beat this score on a different quiz?

Howzat! Great job! You know loads about Pakistani cricket! Well done. You juuuust missed out on full marks though... do you reckon you can beat this score on a different cricket quiz? Let's find out!

Wooooah! Amazing! This is a great score! 10/10! You know loads about cricket in Pakistan! You can't improve on this score... but you could see if you can match it on a different sport quiz! We've got loads more!