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Parkour Pets!

These awesome animals have got the sickest parkour skills ever!!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 13th 2017

This good boy has got some nimble moves!

Dog doing parkour

This could've ended badly if it wasn't for this cat's natural instinct to parkour!

Cat slips off a window and recovers - parkour style

Now THAT'S a bunny hop!

Rabbit parkouring up a wall

Goat parkour is all about team work

goat parkouring over other goats

This chinchilla is all about the snacks after a long day of parkouring around the house

Chinchilla parkour

Woah! This bird is flipping awesome!

bird doing a backflip

And so is this horse!

Horse flipping over a fence - Parkour!

Even this panda's getting involved

Panda rolling around

This penguin may need a bit more practise at it though

Keep at it penguin! You can do it! You'll be the best parkour penguin on the planet in no time!!

penguin jumping onto a rock, slipping and majestically spinning into the abyss