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Personality Quiz: Are Your Footie Skills Good Enough To Join The F2Freestylers?

Do you the have silky football skills needed to be a F2Freestyler? Take the quiz and find out?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's find out!

1/10 Old football boots

Let's start with the basics. What do you wear on your feet when you play football?

2/10 Football skills

How often do you practice your football skills?

3/10 F2Freestylers

What's your favourite football trick?

4/10 A rooster with a ball

Who's your football idol?

5/10 A footballer kicking a massive ball

What's the most important thing about practice?

6/10 F2Freestylers

What's your favourite F2Freestylers video?

7/10 A basketball player shows off his football skills

How many keep-ups can you do?

8/10 Real Madrid
Real Madrid | Giphy

Can you bend a ball like David Beckham?

9/10 A woman thinking about 'tekkers'

What does tekkers mean?

10/10 F2Freestylers

What would your nickname be?



Is your name Lionel Messi or Steph Houghton or something? You're a football genius! A call up from the F2DFreestylers is just a moment away...

TheF2Freestylers | Facebook


You've got some sweet skills and with a bit more practice, you could be a F2Freestyler!



You'll need to put the hours in if you're going to be as good as Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove! Good luck!

F2Freestylers say: Nope!


We think you'd be better off playing FIFA instead of kicking balls into your neighbours' gardens every five minutes.