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Personality Quiz: Choccy Buttons or Bogies? Can You Choose the Right Egg?

The best thing about Easter eggs is finding even more chocolate inside. But what if there was a nasty surprise inside? Take the quiz and find out what treat awaits!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Choose wisely!

1/10 Chocolate eggs

What day do you usually start eating your Easter eggs?

2/10 A worm poking out of an apple, next to a pile of homework

It's the Easter break. When do you do your holiday homework?

3/10 Tkay Maidza
Tkay Maidza | Giphy

What do you like to do during the holidays?

4/10 A man surrounded by laundry

What sort of jobs do you do to help around the house?

5/10 A old school video game featuring a big rocket

Pick a game to play.

6/10 A pair of bright green crocs

What shoes do you tend to wear when you're not at school?

7/10 A golden egg walking around

You've been invited to a family Easter egg hunt. What are your tactics to get the most eggs?

8/10 A toasted sandwich snack

What's your ideal snack?

9/10 A Easter eggs

What sort of egg do you hope to get for Easter?


10/10 What's the best Easter animal?

Chocolate buttons

Your egg is full of: CHOCOLATE BUTTONS!

Yum! Is there anything more delicious than chocolate buttons? We can't think of a single thing!


Your egg is full of: BOGIES!

Urgh! That's disgusting. What a nasty surprise!