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Personality Quiz: How Cool is Your Granny?

Is your gran nice and cuddly or cool as a cucumber? Find out by taking this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

There's only one way to find out!

1/10 A shelf with plants and a copy of FIFA 19

What sort of things does your gran have on her shelves?

2/10 A gran reading a book on a tablet with a dinosaur in the background

What sort of books does your gran read?

3/10 A gran with different coloured hair

What colour is your gran's hair?

4/10 A lady playing golf

Where does your gran like to go on holiday?

5/10 A gran on a motorbike

What sort of transport does your gran use?

6/10 A gran in cool green shades

What sort of clothes does your gran wear?

7/10 A bowl of chilli con carne

You go to your gran's for lunch. What does she make?

8/10 A gran eating popcorn at the cinema

Your gran wants to take you to the cinema. What kind of film does she want to see?

9/10 A knitted jumper

What does she like to do at the weekend?

10/10 A gran listening to loud music on headphones

What sort of music does your gran listen to?

A gran who isn't cool, really

Your gran is: NOT COOL!

She's lovely and sweet, but you won't see her booking a bungee jump any time soon.

A quite cool gran

Your gran is: QUITE COOL!

She's got good taste in music and can take an awesome selfie!

A very cool gran

Your gran is: VERY COOL!

She'll beat you in a game of FIFA and bakes an amazing cake, too!

The coolest gran

Your gran is: THE COOLEST EVER!

She's awesome, loves amazing music, has seen all the greatest films and is feared in the Fortnite community!