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Personality Quiz: How Good Are You At Minecraft?

Are you a Minecraft expert or a total beginner? Take the quiz and discover how good you really are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 8th 2022

Let's do this!

1/10 A forest in Minecraft
Minecraft | Microsoft

You begin your game in a forest. What do you do first?

2/10 A cave in Minecraft
Minecraft | Microsoft

What items should you take into a cave?

3/10 A shelter in Minecraft
Minecraft | Microsoft

Why should you build a shelter?

4/10 A Minecraft creeper
Minecraft | Microsoft

There's a creeper moving towards you. What should you do?

5/10 A Minecraft village
Minecraft | Microsoft

You've arrived in a village. What do you do next?

6/10 A scary creature in Minecraft
Minecraft | Microsoft

What's this creature called?

7/10 Mountains Biome
Minecraft | Microsoft

Can you name the rare ore that you'd discover in Extreme Hills Biome?

8/10 Minecraft lava
Minecraft | Microsoft

What happens if you fall into lava?

9/10 Minecraft
Minecraft | Microsoft

What's the name of this winged beast?

10/10 Minecraft armour
Minecraft | Microsoft

What's the best material to make some armour?

Minecraft expert
Minecraft | Microsoft

Minecraft level: EXPERT

You've clearly put in some serious hours into playing this game and it shows. You're an expert, aren't you?

Pretty good
Minecraft | Microsoft

Minecraft level: PRETTY GOOD!

You've achieved a lot in Minecraft and your knowledge reflects this. Nice work!

Quite good
Minecraft | Microsoft

Minecraft level: QUITE GOOD!

You might not play Minecraft all the time, but you know enough to have an enjoyable game.

Minecraft newbie
Minecraft | Microsoft


You've clearly never played Minecraft or haven't paid attention if you have. Maybe try FIFA or put in some serious practice!