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Personality Quiz: How Long Could You Survive Jurassic World?

Reckon you've got what it takes to avoid getting eaten by a hungry dinosaur? Take this quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

You’ve arrived on Isla Nublar! What form of transport will you use to get about?


2/10 You need to pack your kit bag – what useful item will you take?


3/10 Who will you choose to be your guide?


4/10 What are you going to see first?


There’s a funny sound in the undergrowth – are you going to explore?


It’s a pair of brachiosaurs! Should you run? 


7/10 Uh-oh! A T-Rex heard you making noise and now you’ve got to run! Where will you head to?


8/10 The power has gone and there’s no light! What should you do?


9/10 The helicopter is about to leave! Should you climb aboard?


Hold on! There’s a dinosaur waving to you as you leave – and it’s smiling! Should you go over and say goodbye?

You got eaten!

Oops! You made a few choices that left you ready to be a dino's dinner and now you've been chomped up by a T-Rex! Your only hope is that you cause that dastardly dino some indigestion on the way down!

You made it!

Top marks! You always knew just what to do in every situation and you made it through Jurassic World without being eaten. And now, you've won the respect of all dinosaurs! What a great day's work!