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Personality Quiz: Plan Your Perfect Day and Weโ€™ll Tell You What Dog Breed You Are!

It's simple! Pick what you want to do and we'll tell you what kind of dog you're most like!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Ready? Set? Walkies!

1/10 An alarm clock

What time would you set your alarm?

2/10 A massive breakfast

What would you have for breakfast?

3/10 A dog with a suitcase

Where do you want to go first?

4/10 A person sailing in a canoe

How will you get there?

5/10 A burger and fries

Time for lunch. Pick something to eat.

6/10 Old school video arcade

What will you do in the afternoon?

7/10 An ice cream at the beach

We think it's time for an ice cream. What would you like?

8/10 A serving of popcorn

Let's go to the cinema. What kind of film would you like to see?

9/10 A bowling alley

Where would you like to go next?

10/10 A telescope pointed at the night sky

How would you round your perfect day off?

A dachshund wearing glasses


You're fun and look like a sausage, basically!

A labrador puppy wearing sunglasses

You are: A LABRADOR!

Your results suggest you're loyal and fun to be around!

A Pomeranian wearing old-fashioned 3D glasses


You're a big ball of fluff with a big smile. You're also great at playing video games.

A pug wearing sunglasses

You are: A PUG!

You're laid back and love a good movie. Being a dog, it's often difficult to eat popcorn with your little paws.