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Personality Quiz: What Dolphin Are You?

They swim, they squeak, they eat fish - but there's more to dolphins than hanging around underwater!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

How would you describe yourself?


2/10 What kind of hat would you wear? And yes, dolphins DO wear hats. Sometimes.


How do you spend your free time?


4/10 Which is your favourite celeb?


What tricks would you choose to do?


6/10 Which fish would you befriend?


7/10 What sort of food would you choose?


What dolphin jobs would you like to do?


9/10 Which ocean would you like to live in?


What game would you play at a dolphin birthday party?

Gamer dolphin!

All dolphins love games but when it comes to having fun, you're the number 1 gamer in the sea!

Sporty dolphin!

Balancing a ball on your nose is cool but let's face it, you're too talented for tricks - that's why you're the world's sportiest dolphin!

Stylish dolphin

It takes time to look good when you spend most of your life underwater but that doesn't stop you getting glammed up - because it's dolphins like you that give the sea style!

Funny dolphin

Dolphins are the comedians of the sea and they don't come funnier than you! Speaking in a squeaky voice and catching fish? What's not to like!